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Pilot Integration Proposal

The road to achieving an integrated fishing strategy for members of the Commercial Industry Caucus (CIC) has been fraught with potholes and unexpected bumps. Its twists and turns have been numerous, with some portions that felt more like a roller coaster ride than a highway! Notwithstanding, arrival at the development of an integration pilot proposal has been deeply satisfying. 

The journey included many key drivers and passengers, and this report offers an excellent opportunity to acknowledge their significant contributions. Not only did each of these people work constructively within the constraints and challenges inherent in any conflict-ridden environment, but they did so by using consensus approaches that were initially foreign, even counter-intuitive, to some.

After the initial tabling of the Pilot Integration Proposal, during the first year of integration, the CIC continued to work to refine the rules and procedures outlined in the Proposal. A revised Proposal, containing these refinements is now available at the link below.

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